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Nachos $9.75

Corn tortilla chips topped with rice, beans, melted cheese, cabbage, tomatoes, guacamole, sour cream and choice of meat or vegetable.

Taquitos $9.75

Three corn tortillas rolled up with meat or potato inside. They are deep fried then garnished with mild salsa, cabbage, tomatoes, cheese, guacamole and sour cream.

Pachanga Sampler $13.75

Small portion of nachos, taquitos, one quesadilla, two stuffed jalapenos, a cup of chile con queso, guacamole and sour cream.

Hot Chile Poppers $9.00

Four fresh jalapeno chilies roasted, peeled, stuffed with cheese, breaded, deep fried and served with chile con queso dip.

Shrimp Cocktail $10.00

Shrimp cocktail Mexican style with cilantro, onions, avacado, cucumbers and herbs.

Pachanga Favorites

Burrito Ranchero $9.75

Large fresh flour tortilla stuffed with whole beans, rice and your choice of one meat or vegetable; then topped with mild salsa, melted cheese, cabbage, tomatoes, guacamole and sour cream.

Burrito Relleno Vegetarian $9.75

Burrito ranchero with a chile relleno inside.

Chimichanga $9.75

Deep fried burrito filled with rice and choice of one meat or vegetable. Topped with mild salsa, melted cheese, cabbage, tomatoes, guacamole and sour cream.

Fajita Burrito $9.75

Fresh made large tortilla stuffed with rice, whole beans, guacamole, sour cream, cabbage, cheese, tomatoes and choice of fajita meat or fajita vegetables.

Tostada Grande $8.50

Crispy corn tortilla topped with rice, whole beans, cabbage, tomatoes, guacamole, cheese and choice of meat, or vegetable.

Sope $8.50

Deep fried corn masa crust filled with rice, whole beans, cabbage, tomatoes, guacamole, sour cream, cheese and choice of meat or vegetable.

Mexican Pizza $7.50

Crispy flour tortilla topped with fried beans, melted cheese, tomatoes and choice of one meat or vegetable.

Empanada $7.50

Fresh corn masa folded over and stuffed with cheese, and your choice of one meat or vegetable, then deep fried and covered with wild red or green salsa and melted cheese.

Flautas $9.50

Two flour tortillas each rolled with either meat or potatoes inside, deep fried then covered with shredded cabbage, diced tomatoes, mild salsa, cheese, guacamole and sour cream.

Super Quesadilla $9.50

Large fresh flour tortilla filled with melted cheese and choice of one meat or vegetable. Garnished with guacamole, sour cream and cabbage.

Fajita Salad $9.50

Mixed fresh salad greens, tomatoes, cheese and your choice of one fajita meat or fajita vegetables. Topped with guacamole and sour cream.

Taco Salad $9.50

A crispy flour tortilla shell filled with rice, charro beans, fresh salad greens, cheese, tomatoes and choice of one meat or vegetable. Topped with guacamole and sour cream.

Enchilada Ranchera $9.50

Large enchilada made with fresh flour tortilla, filled with cheese and your choice of one meat or vegetable. Topped with green sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, Mexican cheese and sour cream. Served with rice and beans.

Queso Fundido $9.50

Cheese casserole made with cheese, onion, cilantro and tomato. Then topped with mild green salsa and your choice of fajita beef, chicken, pork, spinach, mushrooms or chorizo.  Served with 3 corn or 2 flour tortillas.


Steak Ranchero $16.50

Tender ribeye steak covered with a mild Mexican sauce of tomatoes, onions and cilantro.

Carne Asada $13.75

Your choice of seasoned fillet of beef or chicken breast, topped with grilled onions and green Mexican salsa (cheese optional).

Pechugas de Pollo $15.75

Boneless skinless chicken breast cooked with wine and topped with melted cheese and mushrooms.

Carnitas $13.75

Fried chunks of Pork marinated in orange juice and herbs, topped with green salsa, cilantro and onions.

Chicken Mole $15.75

Half of a chicken served in a dark red chile sauce, made with a variety of mild chiles and Mexican chocolate.

Milanesa $14.50

Pounded thin beef of chicken steak, breaded and deep fried. Topped with green salsa and cheese.

Chile Verde $13.75

Tender chunks of pork cooked in a mild green sauce.

Carne con papas $14.50

Strips of steak, potatoes, peppers, jalapenos and onions cooked in a Mexican style stew.

Camarones Diablos $19.50

Large shrimp sauteed in spicy red chipotle sauce (very hot).

Camarones Rancheros $19.50

Large shrimp sauteed with onions, tomatoes, cilantro and mild green sauce.

Pork Ribs $15.00

Juicy pork ribs marinated in a mild Mexican sauce.


Basic Fajitas $16.00

Juicy Beef, Chicken or Pork; marinated and grilled with bell peppers and onions.

Fajita Combo $16.00

The ultimate combination of fajitas with Beef, Chicken, Pork, Shrimp, and Pork Ribs; grilled with bell peppers and onions.

Vegetable Fajitas $14.50

Seasoned and grilled fresh seasonal vegetables (usually yellow squash, zucchini, bell peppers, mushrooms, onions and carrots).

Shrimp Fajitas $19.50

Large shrimp grilled fajita style with fresh bell peppers and onions.

Fajitas for a party of four $56.00

A large sizzling skillet loaded with a portion of each of our fajitas; Beef, Chicken, Pork, Shrimp, bell peppers and onions. Served with 8 flour or 12 corn tortillas.

Eggs Mexican Style

Huevos Rancheros $10.50

Two eggs over on a tortilla covered with green salsa.

Chorizo con Huevos $10.50

Two eggs scrambled with chorizo (Mexican sausage), tomato, cilantro and onions.

Machaca con Huevos $10.50

Two eggs scrambled with tomatoes, onions, cilantro, jalapenos and your choice of shredded beef or chicken.

Huevos a la Mexicana $10.50

Two eggs scrambled with jalapenos, tomatoes and onions.


Any 1 Items, Any 2 Items, Any 3 Items

Select 1, 2 or 3 items from the following. Enchilada, Quesadilla, Tamale, Taco, Chile Relleno.


Gallina Pinta $6.00

Bowl of Chicken and Hominy soup.

Albondigas $6.00

Bowl of meatball soup.

Menudo $6.00

Tripe with Hominy.

Children's Menu

Enchilada $6.95

Topped with salsa and melted cheese. Served with rice and beans.

Corn Dog $6.95

With fries

Bean and Cheese Nachos $6.95

Chips, beans and cheese

Quesadilla $6.95

Rice and Beans

Kid’s Pizza $6.95

Crispy flour tortilla, fried beans, melted cheese and sour cream.

On the Side

Corn Tortilla, Flour Tortilla, Sour Cream, Shredded Cheese, Rice, Beans, Guacamole, Enchilada, Enchilada Ranchera, Taco, Quesadilla, Large Quesadilla, Chile Relleno, Tamale, Pickled Jalapenos, Roasted Jalapenos, Dinner Salad, Extra Chips, Extra Salsa, Medium Burrito Bean and Cheese, Medium Burrito with Rice and Meat, Eight Ounce Cup of Salsa to Go, Bowl of Charro Beans and Rice, Mole, Green or Red Enchilada Sauce.


Guacamole Dip, Spicy Bean Dip and Creamy cheese dip with chiles herbs and spices.


Chimipachanga $6.50

Fresh made flour tortilla filled with banana and chocolate, deep fried, then topped with chocolate syrup, strawberries, whipped cream, ice cream, coconut and cinnamon.

Sopapilla Nachos $7.50

Deep fried flour tortilla triangles, topped with ice cream, cinnamon, strawberries and caramelized bananas.

Fried Ice Cream $6.50

Ball of fried ice cream served in a crispy flour tortilla shell; topped with whipped cream, shredded coconut, caramel and cinnamon.

Flan $6.50

A homemade Mexican custartd, made with Kahlua, topped with carmel syrup, cinnamon and whipped cream.


Hot Beverages

Coffee, Hot Tea, Mexican Coffee, Mexican Hot Chocolate.

Cold Beverages

Horchata, Jamaica, Tamarindo, Jarritos, Sangria, Mexican Coke, Iced Tea, Milk.

From the Bar

From the Bar: Tequila Margaritas; Classic Margarita, Premium Margarita, Pachangarita, Shots, Premium Tequilas & other spirits available. Draft Beer: 16oz – 24 oz – pitcher; Eel River IPA, Great White, Dos Equis. Local Brews: Downtown Brown, Steelhead. Imported Beer: Corona, Corona Light, Negro Modelo, Pacifico, Dos Equis, Bohemia. Domestic Beer: Budweiser, Bud Light, Coors Light. Non-Alcoholic: O’Douls. House Wines: House Wines Glass or Liter; Red Burgundy, Blush & White Chablis.

Fountain Drinks

Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Root Beer, Sierra Mist, Pink Lemonade